Special tape

We offer differentiated solutionsin various fields with high-tech and materials.

High humidity activated film is excellent solutions in a variety markets as well as the anti-counterfeit market.
Thermal transfer tape is superior thermal transfer effect compared to other companies in various applications.

High humidity activated film (CHAMELEON)

  • Coating specially developed polymeric materials to implement various colors
  • Real-time reversible high humidity activated film by photonic crystal technology
  • Wide-width coating through roll to roll process
  • Applicable various colors based on the customer’ specification
  • Solutions that can be applied effectively to the security market and to a variety of field

Display Drive In Thermal Transfer Tape

  • Special product for thermal transfer in COF(Chip on film) D-IC
  • Product line up with superior technology
    (Thermal Transfer efficiency selectively adjustable)
  • Turnkey Biz function (Coating → Slit → Die cutting)

Thermal Release Tape

  • Easy peel-off after heating
  • For copper foil release in PCB process
  • For ceramic cutting and dicing
Grade Film Type Thickness
Double sided
High humidity activated film (CHAMELEON) PET 175 Single 500gf/in Anti-counterfeit tape
ST-3311AL Aluminum 110 Single 1500gf/in COF Thermal Transfer Tape
ST-595B PET 145 Single 350gf/in Thermal Release Tape
ST-9595B PET 190 Double 250gf/in 250gf/in Thermal Release Tape