We offer the optimized solutionfor a variety of (F)PCB processes.

We produce the highest quality (F)PCB & semiconductor tapes with excellent chemical and heat resistance. Various colors and adhesive strength can be adjusted and provided with residue free and excellent protection.

High Heat-Resistant Tape

  • No Residue after peel off
  • Easy to die-cut
  • Can be used in fixing JIG in SMT process and masking surface in gold plating

Carrier Tape

  • For coverlay hole process and packaging
  • Apply on Ultra thin FCCL and film protection during process
  • No residue and wrinkle after peel off on Ultra thin FCCL
  • Customized Thickness and adhesion are available

Masking Tape

  • Easy to adhere various surfaces(Plating masking and packaging)
  • No residue and contamination after peel off
  • Easy to die-cut
  • Excellent chemical & heat resistance
Grade Film Type Thickness
Double sided
ST-5335K PI 45 Single 70gf/in FPCB Heat Resistance Masking Tape
ST-834RFL PI 50 Single 400gf/in Heat Resistance Tape
ST-5539C PET 90 Single 35gf/2in Carrier Tape
ST-8535PG PET 35 Single 300gf/in MCCL Masking tape