The most suitable protection andadhesion tapes for multifunctional and high-tech devices.

We produce the most suitable surface protection tapes to prevent damages during production for multifuctional and high-tech mobile & display devices.

Protection tapes for shipping

  • Hard-coated treatment : Abrasion resistance, easy to be printed, Anti-Glare
  • Excellent wetting : Easy to adhere without air bubble, No residue after peel-off
  • Anti-static treatment : Prevent malfuctions of TSP caused by static charge

Protection tapes for in-process

  • Anti-static treatment : Prevent particles during in-process
  • Excellent reliability : Easy to adhere on special coated window
  • Excellent reworkability : No residue after peel-off

Double sided tapes

  • To fix the camera lens and general PAD
  • Easy to adhere on substrates of low surface enegy and various substrates due to the excellent adhesion
  • Not easily deformed due to the excellent durability

Protection Tapes for plastic case

  • Prevent scratches and contamination during in-process and transport
  • Meet the various customers’ needs considering the type of substrates and process
Grade Film Type Thickness
Double sided
ST-5500AS(L50) PET 48 Single 4gf/in Protection Tape
ST-5560AS(WL50) PET 45 Single 5gf/in Protection Tape
ST-5566HC(L38) PET 60 Single 85gf/in Protection Tape
ST-5702AS(L50) PET 70 Single 5gf/in Protection Tape
ST-5703AS(L50) PET 45 Single 9gf/in Protection Tape
ST-6503HCAS(TL38) PET 125 Single 6.5gf/2in A plat surface TSP Protection Tape
ST-6568HCAS PET 68±10 Single 8±3.5 A curved surface TSP Protection Tape
ST-850GFL PET 60 Single 1100gf/in Automotive Display Insulation and Protection Tape
ST-P875DAS PET 85 Single 2gf/in Protection Tape
ST-EP035G PET 33 Single 500gf/in Masking Tape
ST-EP509AS PET 195 Single 3gf/in Window Protection Tape
ST-610R Fabric 120 Single 1400gf/in Shielding Tape