We offer 1,000 different products tomeet customer's needs.

We produce a wide range of tapes for all applications to meet customer's needs.

Solar Panel Tape

  • Excellent insulation and high-heat resistance
  • No residue after peel off

EMI / RFI Shield Tape

  • EMI Tapes based on Cu & Al Foil and conductive fabric
  • Excellent heat and chemical resistance, noise interference
  • To avoid malfunction by electro magnetic wave

Splicing Tape

  • To splice release treated film (Prism Sheet) & Release paper for artificial leather
  • Excellent heat and chemical resistance and no residue left when peeling off after heating process
Grade Film Type Thickness
Double sided
ST-8595W PET 165 Single 600gh/in Insulation Tape
ST-8574G PET 80 Single 400gf/in Insulation Tape, Masking Tape
ST-880W PET 65 Single 750gf/in For process Tape, Insulation Tape
ST-750H2(S) Aluminum 130 Single 2100gf/in EMI Shielding Tape
ST-751H(S) Aluminum 75 Single 1500gf/in EMI Shielding Tape
ST-7110 Aluminum 170 Single 900gf/in EMI Shielding Tape
ST-7440H CU 70 Single 1200gf/in EMI Shielding Tape, Copper Hoil Tape
ST-850BS PET 70 Single 950gf/in tape, splicing tape
ST-852HY PET 85 Single 1,000gf/in splicing tape
ST-8510HR PET 100 Single 1100gf/in  tape, splicing tape