For (F)PCB and semiconductor field, we’re continuously providing a wide various tapes by excellent chemical & heat resistant and no residue after peel off.
These products always provided with full range of adhesion and color for your satisfaction.


Carrier Tapes

  • Various purposes include cover lay process, packing process.
  • Protect thin FCCL (Flexible Copper Clad Laminate) and Film from a damage.
  • No residue and curl after peel off on the surface.
  • Available full range of thickness and adhesion.


Masking Tapes

  • Easy to adhere various type of surface. (Plating, masking, and packaging)
  • No residue after peel off.
  • Easy to convert.
  • High chemical & heat resistant.


Heat-resistant Tapes

  • No residue after peel off.
  • Easy to convert.
  • Fix jigs in SMT process for double sided adhesive tape, and masking gold plating for single sided adhesive tape.