“The harmony of human and technology
will realize the dream of tomorrow”


“Tape industry leader”

We are striving to provide high quality product in the entire process include R&D and manufacture to create more value for customers based on the top manufacturer in tape industry.

“The name of the trust”

We’re aiming, Daehyun ST, It is not just name it is the symbol to be a reliable partner near the future. We put customer satisfaction first and develop technology in advance customer’s needs.

“The key to the future”

We are co-developing with every customers through diversify and specialization products to not only regional market but also beyond tomorrow to become the key to the future.
We always make sure a promise and trust with customer is our top priority, we are creating valuable organization culture to trust each other with supplying qualified products.
Daehyun ST, our entire staff promises to do best performance with all possible ways to be a reliable partner.
Highly appreciate your cooperation.


President SHIM.C.T